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When you go through a lot of fuel for your own personal vehicles or for your business vehicles, it can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money to always be running to a fuel station to fill up.  You can save a ton of time by having fuel directly delivered to your home of business. Fuel delivery makes filling up your tanks quick and easy!

Fuel delivery makes filling up your tanks quick and easy!

If you work with big farm machinery or other specialized equipment that takes fuel, it can sometimes be challenging to get the machinery and equipment to a fuel station. Fuel delivery can make things much easier for you by allowing you to fuel these machines right on location.  You will not have to figure out how to get them to a fuel station or how to transport fuel to them — it will be readily available on your property when you need it.

When you own a business that uses a fleet of cars, trucks, or vans, it can be challenging to monitor fuel usage and how to pay to get every vehicle fueled up and ready to go. You can always give your drivers a credit card, but sometimes credit cards can be taken advantage of and misused. Stopping for fuel can also waste a lot of company time because a driver could take a longer break than necessary at the gas station. If you choose to take advantage of fuel delivery, you can eliminate this problem by having the vehicles fueled up on site, and the fuel will already be paid for.  No more keeping track of credit cards and fuel receipts!

Contact us today at Collingwood Fuels to learn more about our fuel delivery services.  We can go over with you exactly what will need to happen to get you set up for fuel delivery.  We will make sure to cater to your fuel needs and make sure this is the right decision for you.  We offer quality Shell Products and competitive prices.