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Card LockIf you are a business owner who operates a fleet of vehicles, then you already know that keeping your cars, trucks, or big rigs fueled up and ready for the road is a big-ticket item. Whether you have an established fuel plan in place or not, one solution that you may not have considered for your business is using Card Lock. Here are some important reasons why Card Lock may be a great choice for you:

1. Record Keeping – One of the main features of the Card Lock system is that it allows you to more easily track your fuel expenditures. Especially if you operate a fleet, this can be an important tracking solution.
2. No Cash Carrying – If you are looking for better ways to give your drivers fuel money, or you are always reimbursing them for their expenses, Card Lock may solve this problem. Giving them a designated Card Lock card prevents them from needing to carry cash or other credit cards while on the job.
3. Set Restrictions – Did you know that Card Lock allows you to set parameters for fuel usage so you don’t go over your allotted weekly, monthly, or annual spending limits? This makes fuel budgeting for your business easier than ever.
4. Online Access – A Card Lock account is a great way to monitor your refueling progress online, as well as make deposits, set up new accounts, and track expenses from one year to another.
5. Reduced Liability – As a business owner, reducing liabilities is always at the forefront of your mind. Card Lock is a great way to complement this mindset with well-managed stations that require little else than your drivers to fuel up when they need to.

If you are interested in signing up for Card Lock, contact us at Collingwood Fuels today to begin taking advantage of this convenient refueling solution.