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Heating oil is what keeps your home warm throughout the winter, and if you’ve lived in the Collingwood, Ontario area for very long, you know what a necessity this is. Since you don’t want to run out of heating oil, you need to plan your deliveries to make sure you always have enough. But how frequently should you space out your deliveries?

How Often Should You Order Heating Oil?

There are several factors that influence how often you should order heating oil. These include:

  • The size of your home
  • The temperature outside
  • How many people live in your home
  • How warm you like to keep your house, especially during the peak of winter
  • The insulation level of your home
  • The efficiency of your home’s heating system

As you estimate how much heating oil your home uses and at what rate, don’t let your calculations go to an empty tank (or even an 1/8 of a tank). You should always schedule your deliveries for before your heating oil tank runs out to stay on the safe side.

How Often Should You Order Heating Oil?

If you need help estimating how often you should have heating oil delivered, get in touch with us at Collingwood Fuels. As the area’s top source for heating oil and other fuel products, we can help you make an accurate estimate and schedule timely deliveries for your home.