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The Holidays are a much anticipated time of year.  Usually, they signal a break from school or work, a chance to spend more time with family and friends, or time to simply relax, and enjoy a pajama day while you read a good book or watch a favourite movie.  Whatever your idea of bliss is, it can be seriously disrupted when your heating fuel source suddenly runs out, leaving you all alone, or worse yet, with a house full of people, while you shiver in your winter socks, grab a coat and toque and wonder how long it will be before anyone is available to refill your fuel tanks.  If this situation sounds familiar, or like one you’d rather avoid, we have some life-altering news for you.  We offer emergency fuel services for the types of occasions we just described.

When you choose us as your fuel supplier, you will be delighted with our commitment to quality and customer service.  We offer our emergency fuel service for those times when having fuel to heat your home is essential.  You don’t want to be caught without heat in the winter, especially when you have company coming or another special event.  That’s why we provide our emergency fuel service for any time your fuel has run out—whether due to unexpected company or some other reason.

Regardless of what your situation is, when you are out of fuel, call on us at Collingwood Fuels for all of your emergency fuel service needs.  We will arrive as quickly as possible, ready to fill your fuel tanks and leave you with a home that is warm and inviting, ready to entertain guests or simply relax in once more.  We’ve got your heating fuel needs covered.