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It might surprise you that Canada is one of the largest agricultural producers and shippers in the world. In fact, more things are grown here than you might realize. Each province has its own top commodity, such as how Ontario enjoys a robust grain and dairy industry. Another interesting thing is that propane plays a big part in this industry, particularly with those looking to reduce emissions and control costs.

It is important to note that propane-fueled farming equipment produces about 11% less emissions than diesel and 24% less than gasoline-powered equipment. Controlling greenhouse gas while still feeding our nation and the world is a responsible act that many in the agriculture industry are embracing. It doesn’t hurt that when farmers use propane for equipment and irrigation systems, they save money. Not only is it less costly to operate the machinery, but the propane-fueled machinery is often lower in price, too.

If you know a sustainable farmer using propane, thank them. If you’d like to learn more about propane for your agricultural project or would like to get started on propane delivery services, give us a call at Collingwood Fuels. We have served the Collingwood, Ontario area with quality fuels and delivery services for nearly 40 years. We are confident we can help you enjoy the economic and ecological benefits that using propane gas provides, so you can more easily meet the demand for grain and other commodities. We look forward to serving your fuel needs!