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If you have made the choice to use heating oil or propane as your fuel source for heating your home, you probably are well aware of the need to keep your fuel supply replenished.  In fact, if you’ve ever accidentally run out of fuel in the middle of a cold day, or worse, in the middle of the night, you know how uncomfortable it can be.  After all, who wants to wake up at 3 in the morning to put on additional layers of clothing and dig out 5 more blankets for your bed?  No, this is not a fun proposition at all.  Sleep is much too valuable to be taken for granted.  How, then, can you go about keeping your fuel supply replenished, so you never have to experience or re-experience this scenario?  The answer lies in obtaining excellent fuel delivery services.

When you get fuel delivery, you can rest assured that your fuel tanks will always have sufficient fuel for keeping your home warm and toasty.  With your input, we can create a schedule that will allow us to bring you the exact right amount of fuel each time we come.  Additionally, when we come, we can gauge how much fuel you are actually using, compared to what you thought you would use and make changes in fuel delivery that will accommodate your usage.  Of course, even with the best intentions, occasionally the unexpected will happen.  For example, if you have house guests who drop in out of the blue, leading to an increase in the consumption of your heating fuel, you may find yourself precariously close to having no heat.  If this happens, call on us, and we will come with our emergency fuel service to provide you with the fuel you need to get you through, warm and toasty.

If you are interested in fuel delivery services for your home, contact us at Collingwood Fuels.  We have over 36 years in the business, so you can rely on us to professionally meet your fuel delivery needs.  Let us help you to stay warm and dry during the cold, wet winters.