Three Reasons Propane is Such a Popular Fuel Source

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Propane has many applications for residential, commercial, and agricultural use. Although most people think about fueling their barbecue when they think of propane, many people use propane gas to fuel appliances at their home or business.

Three Reasons Propane is Such a Popular Fuel Source

Here are several reasons why propane is such a popular form of fuel for multiple applications:

  1. It’s clean—Propane doesn’t give off as much carbon monoxide or greenhouse gases. For this reason, propane is a greener solution for your fuel needs.
  2. It’s reliable—For most people who rely on an energy source, propane delivers what’s most important: reliability. Even during natural disasters or periods of extreme weather, propane has no problem heating and powering businesses, homes, and other locations independent of the electrical grid.
  3. It’s widely available—There is more than enough propane being produced to meet demand by homes and businesses throughout Canada. This is one of the reasons it’s an affordable source of fuel for many.

When we fill the propane tank at your home or business, we won’t fill it up to capacity. Because this type of fuel expands when the temperature fluctuates, it’s important to leave room in your tank for this to happen. Generally, we fill propane tanks up to 85% capacity so this expansion can happen safely.

If you need propane delivered or want to make the switch to propane, we can help you out. To place an order for delivery or to learn more about the many benefits of relying on propane, contact us today.