What to Expect From Propane Delivery

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If you have never had propane delivered before, you may be wondering what to expect or how exactly the whole process works. Whether you have just bought a house with a propane tank already installed or you have had one installed recently on your property, there is no need to worry. Propane delivery can be very simple and straightforward, especially when you are working with a qualified propane delivery company.

What to Expect From Propane Delivery

If you have a propane tank on your property that wasn’t installed by you, it is important to inspect your propane tank to see which company has serviced and owns the tank before calling for a delivery. It can be helpful to work with a delivery company that is already familiar with what services they have provided to that specific propane tank and system.

Before the propane is delivered, it can be very helpful to let the driver know a few things about your property, including information about low hanging power lines, where your septic tank is located, and where your sprinkler system is located. Due to the large nature of propane delivery trucks, these things can be a hazard or be damaged quite easily if your driver is unaware of their location.

When it comes time for the actual delivery, you may need to be present on your property to make sure the first delivery goes smoothly and the driver has the direction they need to safely get to your propane tank with their truck.

If you have any questions about propane delivery, give us a call at Collingwood Fuels. Our professional team will be happy to provide you with excellent propane delivery services!