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At Collingwood Fuels, we offer propane gas as a convenient option for your home or business.

PropaneThere is nothing worse than going to crank up the BBQ grill and realizing you are out of propane! Is your stove top running low and you need propane to fill your tank? When you are looking for a clean and reliable way for heating residential, agricultural, and commercial buildings and appliances, our team at Collingwood Fuels offers propane gas as a convenient option for your home or business. We offer propane equipment in a variety of tank sizes to meet your needs and provide installation services to make the process quick and easy.

Propane gas offers a number of benefits including its economical use, portability, and safe applications for your home or business. You may also enjoy using propane with us at Collingwood Fuels because it is produced in Canada and burns cleanly, making it environmentally friendly. Common applications of propane include water heating, clothes drying, stove top cooking, and outdoor barbequing. No matter what your propane needs, we are here to help you with all of your propane services.

Don’t call other companies that don’t provide a full array of services to meet your needs. Our team at Collingwood Fuels has been providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective fueling solutions for over 40 years to our customers in Collingwood, ON. Whether you need to expand your propane heating system, are planning a new propane equipment installation, or need a regularly scheduled delivery service to meet your needs, we are available to assist you. At Collingwood Fuels, we are your go-to company for comprehensive fueling products and services. Contact us today to learn more.

FAQs About Propane

At Collingwood Fuels, we feel it is our responsibility to be not just a valuable resource for propane in the Collingwood, Ontario area, but also a company you can turn to with any questions that you might have. We recognize that propane isn’t something everyone has a vast amount of knowledge about, so we want to help you have a better understanding about it. Here are some common questions we have been asked about propane:

Why isn’t the propane tank filled to its full capacity?
Propane expands due to changes in temperature, so it is important to allow space for this to happen. By filling the tank to only 80 to 85 percent of its capacity, expansion can take place safely.
Is propane considered environmentally friendly?
Propane burns cleaner than fossil fuels such as gasoline, emits lower levels of particulates and carbon dioxide, and doesn’t produce sulfur dioxide. It also vaporizes quickly and is non-toxic. This makes propane more environmentally friendly than other options.
Where does propane come from?
Propane is a by-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining. That is why the price for propane is directly affected by the going rate for natural gas and petroleum, as well as other factors, such as supply and demand.
Is propane flammable?
Propane is not as flammable as other fuels. For propane vapor to ignite, the propane/air mix must be between 2.2 and 9.6. Below 2.2, it is too lean to burn. Above 9.6, it is too rich to burn. If a tank were to leak, the liquid would vaporize and dissipate.

At Collingwood Fuels, we offer propane to those in South Georgian Bay, Clearview Township, and Simcoe County, including Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Wasaga Beach, Mulmur, Stayner, Creemore, New Lowell, and Elmvale, Ontario.


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