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Propane Q&A

We have answers to all your questions about propane.

Propane Fill Station in Collingwood, Ontario

Here at Collingwood Fuels, we highly recommend using propane as your primary fuel source. If you have any questions about switching to propane, fueling your tank, safety, or general questions about using propane in your Collingwood, Ontario home, our FAQs below are a great place to start.

What size propane storage tank do I need for my home?

A standard 500-gallon tank can typically hold enough propane to meet the yearly energy consumption needs of a four-bedroom home. Larger 1,000-gallon tanks may be needed for larger homes.

Can a natural gas system be converted to run on propane?

Yes. Most natural gas furnaces can easily be converted to run on propane.

Why did the percentage of fuel in my tank fall so quickly?

You may notice your tank gauge reading falls quickly following propane delivery, especially during periods of colder weather. For example, if your tank gauge reads 80% right after a fill, the following morning the gauge may read 5% less, even if you haven’t used any gas. This occurs because propane gas is delivered to your home as a liquid, and it expands as temperatures rise and contracts when temperatures fall. You will still have the same number of litres of propane in your tank, but they will occupy more or less volume depending on fluctuations in the temperature.

When should I place an order for delivery?

We recommend scheduling propane delivery when your gauge reads about 20-25% full.

Are there any restrictions on where you can install a propane tank?

For horizontal propane tanks that are 450 feet or larger, the follow installation requirements apply:

  • The tank must be installed a minimum of 10 feet from any building.
  • The tank must be installed at least 10 feet from any source of ignition, including outdoor electrical outlets, generators, air conditioners, etc.
  • The tank must be installed a minimum of 10 feet from any property line.

For vertical propane tanks that are less than 450 feet, the following installation requirements apply:

  • The tank can go on the outside wall of a building.
  • The tank must exist a minimum of 3 feet from any building opening.
  • The tank must exist at least 10 feet away from any source of ignition.
  • The tank must be installed at least 10 feet away from any mechanical air intake.

What happens during a 10-year propane tank inspection?

The 10-year inspection includes a full assessment of the propane tank as well as any propane burning appliances installed according to code.

Can you paint your propane tank a different colour?

Horizontal and vertical tanks come in white or forest green. You can paint the tank as long as you use a rust-proof paint. The paint must also be glossy to reflect heat. Please refrain from painting the tank a dark colour, like navy blue or black, as darker hues attract heat.

What should you do to protect the life expectancy of a propane tank?

During the winter, maintain a path to the propane tank. Throughout the year, keep the tank clear of any debris, wood piles, or snow.